5 Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 5,000 in India

Why do people indulge in such acts, I really don’t get it Take my suggestion, buy an affordable Bluetooth Home theatre speaker and limit this toxic talent to your house But I know, some of you might still need a good Bluetooth speaker To play this song on your so-called wanderlust trip (playing the most cliche Bollywood song ever) and the rest you might need it for listening to Arijit Singh’s songs while having a drink.

If your budget is limited, just like my love life There’s no need to worry Because your friend Govind is here with 5 Bluetooth  Home theatre Speaker within the budget of ₹5,000 Only on “Under My Budget” I haven’t ranked these speakers But Do watch the video till the end because I’ll reveal my favourite speaker at the end If you wish to buy any of the recommended Home theatre speakers.

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So let’s talk about the first speaker in my list which is “Boat Stone 1000” Having a good look at its size will make you realize that it does not very travel-friendly It’s a huge speaker Talking about its build quality It’s quite robust It’s build quality is so tough, it can be compared to Nokia’s 1100 Model Even if you try to destroy it by any means, there won’t be much damage When it comes to sound quality The sound is exceptionally loud All our desi DJ’s practise on this Home theater speaker, No, but seriously The bass is extremely good Highs are also equally good The mids are a little underwhelming There’s a jack of 3.5 input a Micro USB for charging and yes.

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If your girlfriend calls you while you are listening to a song Then you can also flaunt this built-in mike in front of your friends And it has all those buttons you have on the side Play, pause, volume up, volume down Companies can say all sorts of things 16 hours, 20 hours But in reality, how many hours does it actually work I am gonna tell you This speaker can be used for an uninterrupted duration of 6 hours If you listen to EDM and Pop You can purchase this for ₹3,000 Just go and buy this speaker, it’s a good option Next in line is, Sony SRS XB12, Unlike Boat,

It’s very compact and light It is the best options for all you travellers Just drop it in your bag and leave for your destination Its build quality is way too premium In addition, it is both water and dustproof On this festival of Holi, pick up your speaker and leave for your lover’s colony to get drenched in the rain of love.

The sound of this speaker is not that great as Boat But it’s decent enough Stereo mode and built-in mike, both the features are available It has a good battery backup which lasts up to 7-8 hours It has a lot of colours to choose from It feels like Sony has put together all the stuff from Sarojini Nagar Market on display It is priced between the range of ₹3500 – ₹4000 online Next on the list is, UE Wonderboom Just like Sony, this speaker to is compact, waterproof and dustproof build quality is solid.

If you are out a picnic, you can play songs on it as well as play catch with it It has some cool colour options to choose from and you can easily pair 2 Wonderboom speakers with each other Sound quality is loud and crisp Plus it’s balanced and provides you with a 360° sound Everyone around you will be able to hear the sound crystal clear.

There’s a Micro USB for charging But Unfortunately, there is no Audio Jack It’s a rat race and everyone is blindly following one another Its battery lasts upto 5-6 hours If you wish to buy it, you’ll get it around ₹4,500 – ₹5,000 All the links are given in the description below Now let\’s talk about ” Creative Muvo 2″ At a price of ₹4,500 this speaker is a pretty good option Besides being splashproof, this speaker also offers a great build quality.

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It’s splashproof, not Shraddha Kapoor (Govind’s inside Bollywood junkie kicks in) Talking about the buttons All the necessary buttons are present at the top Build quality is good Size is average and it’s lightweight too It has a Stereo Mode too wherein, you can easily pair 2 speakers with each other Along with the Micro USB and 3.5mm jack It also has a Micro SD Card slot too in which you can surely check the card But make sure you don’t end up playing a wrong Post.

When it comes to sound It is extremely loud and crisp with deep bass and clear vocals On the highest volume possible, this speaker can work upto 5-6 hours Now it’s time to talk about the last speaker but my favourite of the lot which is “JBL Flip 3” I know it’s very common and everyone talks about it But, honestly JBL Flip 3 is the Neha Kakkar of all the speakers You can spot it everywhere But it’s musical notes are a treat to your ears It has a rugged build quality and is waterproof as well.

It means that you are sorted for your next pool party All the necessary buttons are given at the front Pairing and calling, both the options are available and do you know what pairing means? You can connect hundreds of JBL speakers at once There’s a Micro USB for charging and for that extra audio input, a 3.5mm jack Sound quality is ultra-rich and premium I mean everything is balanced Be it ‘Rinkiya Ke Papa’ or ‘Summer Of 69’ The sound quality will be A1 Talking about the battery, it lasts upto 8 hours According to me, it is the best laptop under the bracket of ₹5,000 I have done my job by informing you about the 5 best speakers along with my favourite speaker too.

The one I chose is rugged with a good build quality It’s waterproof, the sound quality is loud and crisp Now what else do you want in a speaker? But If you feel that some other speaker should also have been in the list Then do let me know in the comment section below.

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